Chicago, the third-most populous city in the USA and one of the most important business centers in the world, was born out of the ashes of the conquest of the west in 1837, and now is an international hub for commerce, industry, and technology.

Chicago has gained eminence as a tourist attraction for innumerable reasons – its sights and attractions, its legendary tales of mobsters and battles, its contribution to American culture, impressive architectural marvels, its vast museums.  

A simple glance at our customer reviews is sufficient to convince you Segways are the best way to enjoy your summer escape to Chicago, the DzCity of Windsdz and one of USA’s most fascinating metropolises. Segways are fun-choked, laugh-packed, easy to learn and ride and Chicago sets the ideal scenery for a tour on them.

Are you planning family vacations in Chicago? Listed among the ten most appealing cities for family vacations,

A trip to Chicago, one of the most diverse and multifaceted cities in the world, with so much to see,

Undoubtedly, Chicago is one of the hottest holiday destinations all year round. Its vast and beautiful coastline, outstanding museums, vibrant life, and fascinating past make it a top notch option for families, couples, and a group of adventurous friends alike.

Chicago is a touristic destination with many exciting and diverse sights, including some rather unusual ones, found nowhere else in the world. Here is a list of 10 of the coolest and somewhat strange sights you must visit in Chicago!

Just perfect for both start-ups and seasoned PT riders, Chicago Segway Tours are the most revolutionary and fun way to unearth this city’s mysteries and charms!

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