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"So my best friend was coming in town and knowing how goofy we can all get it seemed a brilliant idea to pretend to be nerdy glass wearing tourists for a day and take a segway tour! We found a great Youswoop deal recently and 3 of us decided to try it out! It was very simple to schedule our tour (which we did only a day or two before) and not too hard to find after reading some of the previous yelp reviews. The easiest way to find it is to go either from Illinois or Grand ave towards Navy Pier and it is actually located that the building directly across from the Pier entrance on Streeter Dr. There are no signs really, but its the only entrance on that side of the building. Anyway, once we got in and got started we found that the tour was going to be just us which was really sweet! Right away we were introduced to the equipment and insurance policy for the wheels ($3 or so) well worth the money if you really get a flat! Our tour guides Chase and Demetris or "Tiger and Puma" as they for some reason were nicknamed lol.... were both friendly and very knowledgeable.We took about half an hour learning how to use the segway and practiced. I loved that it was a small group which made our tour even more special. Overall a very fun experience!"


"For the past year I wanted to go on a Segway tour. I had a friend invite me so I finally got to go! The instructors are super nice! All I can say is please be on time. People hate waiting for one person to show up to start the trip. We went on Memorial Day which it was probably 95 degrees out. I suggest going on a warm day, but not hot! I was sweating half the time. The machines are fairly easy to operate. Although you HAVE to pay attention. If you run into someone it's going to hurt the both of you! The tour was great though. We started at Navy Pier and went all the way to Lincoln Park. Going over bumps is hard and your feet will probably be a little tired afterwards. Your feet do all the work. I wish I had one of the those things just to cruise around in. It would be really cool if they allowed us to travel around by ourselves for a bit. But overall I had a great time!"


"My mom was visiting the windy city and I wanted to show her around so I decided to do a Segway tour with her. I purchased two vouchers from http://tippr.com, called Chicago Segway Tour, and was greeted by Demetris on the phone. Demetris was very professional and courteous on the phone. He accepted the http://tippr.com vouchers without any problem and told me what to bring the next day on my trip. I made a mistake of scheduling an afternoon tour since the vouchers were only redeemable for the evening and nigh tours. Demetris kindly pointed this out when we showed up and quickly registered us for the evening tour. This was not a problem for us since I wanted to take my mom around Navy Pier. My mom and I came back at 5:20pm and were greeted again by Demetris and the other staff members. I don't know why other yelpers are claiming that this "merchant tried to add extra charges". Demetris clearly explained the required documentation to fill out and suggested to do the optional $6.00 insurance per Segway in case the tires blew out during our trip; tire repairs on the Segway without insurance would cost $35.00. Knowing how Chicago pavements can be, I purchased the insurance in a heartbeat. What really pushed my review of Demetris and the Chicago Segway Tour was that after our trip, Demetris and Chase, our tour guide, kindly spent 25 minutes of their time to point out places to visit in downtown Chicago even though they had to close shop! Who does that?! The libraries and coffee shops always shut off their lights 20 minutes before closing to kick us out as fast as they can but Demetris stayed back as our personal concierge to help enhanced my mom's visit of Chicago! I highly recommend Chicago Segway Tour to you if: (1) you have always wanted to ride a Segway, (2) value great customer service, and (3) want to tour the Windy City. In fact, make sure Demetris is there to take in your reservation and get you situated because he is the only guarantee I can give you to make your experience with the Chicago Segway Tour a 5-star tour!"


"My friends and i had such a great time! Both the tour guides were helpful, nice and very patient. We couldn't have had a better time!!! We were helped one-on-one and then given time to practice. The tour was beautiful and our tour guide even let us stop and took several pics for us. I highly suggest everyone try the segway tour at least once :)"


"Had a group in town, and we got a Groupon to do this tour. AWESOME for we Baby Boomers...though be sure you are in good condition and with comfy shoes. Jordan was THE best, in terms of really watching us all to make sure everyone was safe and "no on fall in the lake". Do pre-book, though there was room and walk-ins were accepted and given this is across from the Pier. Over two hours, it was a good deal."


"My husband and I see the Segway tours while walking to and from work. I always wanted to try it. I inquired about it while sitting on a park bench. The tour guide was very friendly and gave us a brochure. I called and made the reservation with a friendly representative and we were good to go... Our tour guide for the day was awesome! Zack made us feel very comfortable on the Segway. This was my first experience of this kind so I was nervous. He made sure we were all confident before our tour began. The tour is wonderful. I saw and learned things about Chicago I'd never heard before. I am looking forward to our next tour!!"


"We had a cool time, literally, it was a cold day and the tour was so much fun!!!! Joe was great, he was patient and easy to work with, even though I was so uncomfortable at the beginning. it made our trip to Chicago more memorable! thanks again Joe, and we'll take you on a bike tour when you want to come to our town!!!"

-Samantha and Noah

"This tour was so much fun! Our guide made everyone feel comfortable and gave great directions on how to use the Segway. He also shared a lot of Chicago history - even though I've been to Chicago several times before, I learned several news things and had so much fun on the Segway! I would take this tour again if given the chance."


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