Chicago has gained eminence as a tourist attraction for innumerable reasons – its sights and attractions, its legendary tales of mobsters and battles, its contribution to American culture, impressive architectural marvels, its vast museums.  

Still, there is another lure we should never forget about this city of dreams and wonders. Its world-known delicacies have earned the hearts of both locals and visitors. Since you are obviously thinking of going there for your next vacation, the following suggestions will make sure your palate won’t miss these flavour monuments.  

  1. The Hearty Chicago-Style Hot Dog 

    hot dog inner1

    Hot-Dogs are famous for its American origins, but Chicago’s version is simply… out of this world. Recommended mainly as an appetiser, the Chicago-Style Hot Dog is actually quite hearty but always stimulates the brain for more. Featuring a dill pickle spear, tomato slice, chopped onions, yellow mustard, relish, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt, it detonates a bomb of flavours into your mouth. Ah, and something else. Adding ketchup will add nothing to it – more likely it will destroy it, so stay away from it.  

  2. The Celebrated ‘Portillo’s’ 

    portillo inner

    Portillo’s is a must for all first timers in the City of Winds. Just order the notorious Italian beef sandwich, fried potatoes, and, as a desert, the delightful and creamy chocolate cake will prove one of the best menus you have ever tried.  

    A reminder. Do keep your stomach empty until entering the place, it is truly worth it! 

  3. The Genuine Chicago Donut 

    donuts inner

    All Americans, no matter where they come from, will instantly admit that Chicago has the best, most tasty donuts known to human civilisation! And it is not just their gargantuan size; it is their unique texture and flavour that blow you away.  

    The best thing about them? It is really easy to find them! With so many donut shops flooding the city, and so many versions and varieties to choose from, just make sure you and your friends or family pick as more different ones as possible – and then make sure you share!  

  4. The Great Chicago Burger 

    burgerds inner

    Going to Chicago and not trying its Giga Burger is a crime against humanity and should be legally penalised. Enjoying a reputation of an ‘elite’ American burger due to the originality of its taste, a combination of smooth and crispy textures, Chicago’s Great Burger will carve its trace to your memory and palate forever.  

  5. The Garrett Popcorn 

    pop corn inner

    Last but in no way least, comes the illustrious Garrett Popcorn. Mastering delicious, caramel and cheese infused strokes and crispy corn; its odour will lure you from miles away. Our favourite? The “Chicago mix.”. Garrett Popcorn is the ultimate company as you tour around the city.   

But, why just stick to our list? Our Segway guides will also recommend several other delicacies. Then you will have the chance to enjoy them will learning Chicago’s secrets and having fun riding your Segway! Join our tour now!    


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