There are some colours called “iris.” They have the unique quality of changing their bright and appearance when looked from a different angle. So, they retain their beauty, but always in a different way.


Chicago also seems to possess this remarkable ability. Whenever one chooses to marvel at its wonders, regardless of the season and time of year, the beauty is there, just shown in a different light; and early fall is not an exception!

Here are 5 reasons to explore Chicago in September!         

  1. Spectacular Skyscrapers

    chicago skyscrapers inner

    Being the place that first ushered them into the world, Chicago boasts its historical skyscrapers. They may not hold the sceptres of height anymore, but they surely retain their captivating charm of an age bygone, yet still inspiring and exciting as ever. Its ground-breaking design and overall structure, as well as their sheer number – more than 100! – still, dominate the city’s skyline.

    Ah, a small reminder: if you think skyscrapers are no longer built in Chicago, you are horribly mistaken!

  2. Topnotch Museums

    There is one problem here for al first-time visitors: there are so many world-class museums, and all of them so interesting and well-designed, that deciding on which ones should be left out is a feat of its own. The only way to go about it is to make a list of those closely related to your interests and fancies.  Fascinated by the age ruled by claws and teeth? Then the vastest science museum in the western hemisphere (home to the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in the world), the celebrated Field Museum, is a must. Is it history that fascinates you? Take care to include the Chicago History Museum, with its pioneering interactive exhibitions on your list of visits.

    September is the ideal month for museum visits. Remember, summer has gone and spending some time indoors is more appealing now!

  3. Blow-minding Flavours 

    deep dishpizza

    Savoring Chicago’s genuine stuffed deep-dish pizza is an excellent reason to schedule a visit to Chicago, even if it had nothing else to offer! Thankfully, that is not the case. Chicago’s streets are teaming with topnotch restaurants and food-joints, and local delicacies are to be found anywhere.

    Need some recommendations? Do try the dripping Italian beef sandwiches loaded with sweet peppers and giardiniera, the Chicago-style hot dogs, as well as local style popcorn, known for its mixture of caramel and cheese corn!

  4. The World in a Nutshell

    Wish to know the secret behind Chicago’s tremendous cuisine? As a city is a world in a nutshell. Its neighbourhoods encompass a stunning array of different cultures and communities, including Central and South American Latinos, Italians, Irish, Chinese, Greeks and Polish. The best thing about these cultures is their preserved vivacity, despite the great degree of integration within the American spirit.

  5. Fantastic Green-space Areas & Parks

    chicago parks

    Did you know that ever since the 1830s, the city’s formal motto has been “Urbs in horto” (“City coated in flora” in Latin)? Almost one tenth of Chicago is covered by greenspace - mostly by mesmerizing parks such as the Lincoln, the largest in the whole state, mastering more than 10 km of shoreline and engulfing an amazing zoo (always open to the public), and the Grant Park in the Loop, venue of Chicago’s largest food and music summer festivals. A bit much for the few days you plan to stay in Chicago? Not necessarily! Chicago Segway tours enables you to visit and experience all the above in the most fun-packed and relaxed way! The Segway! Join a tour now!

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