Tours – not just in Chicago, but in any place in the world - can be exciting, educative and fun – or utterly boring!

That is undeniably true, and over the years we have met many people who love travelling but avoid organised tours because they had one or more disappointing experiences in the past. Are you among them?

Whether you are already convinced tours are boring or a waste of money, or you are afraid that may be the case; we have news for you. Segway Tours and boredom are as close is the west to the east!

If you need proof about that, just check the reviews of our clients or the number of returning friends. If you want to know why a Segway Tour in Chicago can never become boring, read the following four reasons carefully.

  1. You Can See the Whole City 

    chicago city view

    First of all, Segway Tours allows you to see the whole city, without exception and compromises, and, most importantly, without dropping from exhaustion, heat, freezing temperatures or anything else that may destroy your fascinating journey into the wonderful sights and attractions of Chicago.

    Your cutting-edge Segway technology will take you everywhere you wish, from the most famous sites to the most well-hidden secrets, to the city’s wonders and best food joints, to its museums and parks, natural havens and monuments of historical and cultural value. Indeed, a Chicago Segway Tour offers you a taste of the whole city, not just bites of a half-done puzzle. 

  2. You Can Have a Break to Eat & Drink

    segway sncak breaks

    Often, tours around Chicago start well but become tiring and boring as soon as your belly starts to complain, or your body needs a rest. Moreover, because the touring agency has promised its clients to get them to all the hot places within a few hours or because they wish to squeeze in the same day as many tours as possible, they do not include breaks for drinks and snacks, leaving their clients praying for the tour to end!

    In other cases, they do include a break for lunch, but they deduct the time spent from the whole tour, thus cutting all sorts of sights and attractions off.

    In Chicago Segway Tours none of the above applies. You will have the chance to have drinks and lunch and reinvigorate your mind and body, without losing any of the sites and attractions you wish to see up-close!   

  3. Get Socialized with Other People

    chicago bean visti

    Next, you will have a great chance to socialise with other people! You will meet people from all over the world, of all ages and cultures and have the chance to share together with your rides, experiences and wonders of Chicago, make new friends and connect with persons from all over the world.

  4. Fun Way…Segway 

    segway sncak breaks

    Last but not least, you can never get bored while riding a Segway. It is so fun-packed, so easy to learn, so agile and fast; it will pump your veins with vigour and adrenaline during the whole tour, making boredom the last word you would think of in your vocabulary!

    So, even if you went in a place that has nothing to offer, riding your Segway would make the whole experience thrilling. How much more exciting will be then, if you combine with a tour around the streets of Chicago!

    Hence, don’t delay, book today!  


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