Segways Chicago tours give you a unique chance to see Chicago’s most amazing attractions and sights in just a couple of hours

Great Metropolises like Chicago, are amazing travelling destinations, posing a serious challenge – especially to people getting there for the first time in their lives: they offer so much to hear, see, taste and feel that the average traveller could not possibly include in a few days stay.

Well, Segways Chicago tours found a way to tackle the problem, and gives you a unique chance to see Chicago’s most amazing attractions and sights in just a couple of hours!

Intriguing, wouldn’t you say?


Segway – The Only Way 

segway the only way

True, Segway is the only way to see and feel Chicago’s inner charm and beauty in such a little time. Choose your Segways colour, ride on and, after mastering the basics, embark on the Chicago Lakefront Tour.

Starting from Chicago’s front yard, the Lakefront and the Museum Campus, with staggering views both of the lake’s serene waters and the city’s sublime skyline. Bewildered by the majestic landscape, we then move around the area, marvelling its magnificent architecture, exploring the DuSable Harbor and the adjacent Park.

We then move to the famed Monroe Harbor and the Columbia and Chicago Yacht Clubs and closing the tour of the lakefront area with a visit to the Burnham Harbor. All this time, your experienced guide regales you and your friends with thrilling tales and fascinating stories of how these parts of the city played a vital role in its development and culture.

As we move to the city’s heart, you get the chance to see the celebrated Field Museum, home to “Sue,” one of the most impressive reconstructed skeletons of the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the world, as well as to the notorious “Ghost” and “Darkness,” the legendary man-devouring lions that are said to have killed over one hundred workers in the construction site of bridge over the River Tsavo.

Next, the ride takes you to the Oceanic Shed Aquarium, the world’s first indoor aquarium, the Mammoth Adler Planetarium, where you can browse the famed outdoor Sundial, built during the Renaissance, and the Spectacular Soldier Field, the home - stadium of the Chicago Bears – a living Super Bowl legend.

Still, your tour has a lot more in store for you, among which

  • The gigantic Agora Sculptures, an array of 106 walking headless cast iron feet that stand almost 3 metres tall;
  • The jaw-dropping elegance of the Buckingham Fountain;
  • The beauties of nature in Chicago’s romantic Rose Garden and “Farm Art;”
  • The Fountain of the Great Lakes, the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as the stunning Millennium and Grant Parks, with their wealth of blooming flowers, rare plants and green spaces, not to mention that various cultural and outdoor athletic events.
  • Last, you will have the chance to catch a glimpse of some of the most magnificent architectural marvels of the Windy City, including the:

    •  Lake Point Tower and Sears Tower,
    • Aon Building,
    • John Hancock,
    • Smurfit Stone,
    • Trump Tower,
    •  311 Wacker,
    • Chicago Board of Trade,
    • and the Prudential Plaza.


Could you ever imagine a funniest, most educational and exciting way for you, your family and friends to visit all these fantastic sights and attraction than a Segway Ride – and in just two hours?

And the best part? If one tour does not seem enough, you can book as many as you like during your stay!

Why wait? Book today! 


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