Chicago’s turbulent yet fascinating history and diverse cultural heritage have so much to teach us. Wrapped up in the mist surrounding its pre-Columbian era, and rich in legends and tales of the hardened men and women that brought the city into existence, Chicago can take you up a notch when it comes to getting smarter.

Since you need a warm-up before getting there in the first place, we thought of shedding some light on some of the most important cultural and historic sites in Chicago – information that will be deeper engraved into your mind when coupled with actually seeing the attraction during our Segway Tour.

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  1. DuSable Harbor and Park

dusable harbor and park

DuSable Harbor dominates downtown Chicago, attracting thousands of visitors each year. Walled by an amazing skyline, DuSable Harbor is the sole dock in the region with more than 420 slips close to the loop and has turned into a favouring mooring spot.

The homonymous Park is actually a former commercial and industrial site, right at the estuary of the Chicago River that has undergone rigorous environmental remediation and turned into a park. The site marks the place where Jean Baptiste Point du Sable settled back in 1780, thus becoming the first modern resident of the area and being thence officially recognised as the "Founder of Chicago".


  1. Monroe Harbor

Monroe Harbor, also in downtown Chicago, encompasses 392 mooring cans and adds a lot to the city’s emblematic centre and skyline. 

Serving as the focal point of seasoned boaters, the Monroe Harbor stands out for its age-old aura and nostalgia breathes, since it was there that the first settlers strove to provide for themselves and their families while trying to lay the foundation of what would become the modern-day Chicago.


  1. Columbia Yacht Club

Back in 1892, Chicago was grinding to reborn from a calamitous inferno that destroyed a great part of the city. At the same time, a group of yachting buffs thought it was a good idea to boost morale and help the city grab the nation’s attention by organising what later became known as the “Columbia Yacht Club.”

Their initiative created a lively calendar of social activities, racing and cruising for members and ardent visitors alike. Soon the Club gained such a repute that its board was forced to expand again and again its facilities to host all the enthusiastic new members. Though the first world war took a heavy toll on its vitality, the Club survived the blow and continued to organise social events, and fully regained its strength and kept growing during the years following World War II.

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  1. Chicago Yacht Club

chicago yacht club

The Chicago Yacht Club is famed for its Race to Mackinac every July, along with numerous other races and regattas. Founded in 1875, it is one of the most popular and well-organised yachting clubs in the world, with many world-famous ardent sailors competing under its colours, including R. Halperin, R. Stearns and W. Parks, who are considered legends of the sport.


  1. Burnham Harbor

Gifted with a truly magnificent landscape, the Burnham Harbor stretches within walking distance of the city’s downtown and is part of the Museum Campus. It is by far the largest harbour the city, engulfed by a spectacular skyline view, and numerous other attractions, including the Adler Planetarium, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Field Museum.


Don’t you feel much smarter already? Now you can share some of these interesting facts with your buddies and family while approaching the island. However, don’t forget to live the whole thing by joining one of our Chicago Segway tour. Don't delay, book today!

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