Just perfect for both start-ups and seasoned PT riders, Chicago Segway Tours are the most revolutionary and fun way to unearth this city’s mysteries and charms!

Whether a first-time visitor, a fascinated returner, or even a Chicago citizen, our Segway tour will give you the opportunity to create a treasure chest of unique lifetime memories, whilst gliding with skilled, excellently trained and highest rated Segway Guides - instructors, who will not only teach you how to roll like a pro, but also broaden your knowledge of Chicago’s legends and history.

Check the colossal Columbia Yacht Club, roam Chicago’s famed beaches and harbors, visit the majestic Buckingham Fountain, the Rose Garden in Grant Park and the world-renowned Millennium Park. Explore the grandiose Museum campus effortlessly, marvel the exhibits of the oceanic Shedd Aquarium and the gigantic Adler Planetarium, learn all sorts of great stuff in the Field Museum and Chicago’s Art Institute, and close your book of memories with a stroll in the Navy Pier and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Being by far the most fun, informative and popular way to explore Chicago, we thought it would be great to know a few fun facts about Segway’s own saga. Check them out!

  1. Who was Segway’s Inventor?

    Segway’s inventor was Dean Kamen, a brainy businessman from New York.

  2. What was meant for initially?

    At first, the whole idea was to create a wheelchair that will have its user higher off of the ground. Eventually, it ended up in an innovative product that allowed people to ramble around the streets effortlessly and funnily. Kame’s first wheelchair-model, known as iBOT, was discontinued about 8 years ago.

  3. When was the first Segway constructed?

    On July 27th, 1999.

  4. When did it make its first public appearance?

    In December 2001, on the famous TV show “Good Morning America.”

  5. Why were they called ‘Segways’?

    Well, there is much discussion about that. Most people believe the term to stem from the word ‘segue,’ meaning ‘smooth transition.’ Segways are also known ‘Personal Transporters.’

  6. What exactly is a Segway?

    Segways core structure is pretty simple: they are a 2 wheeled vehicle powered by electricity and stirred by hands and body weight distribution.

  7. Is it easy to learn their handling?

    Yes, very easy! The only thing you have to do is push the handle bars to direct the vehicle and balance your body! Highly sensitive fluid-based leveling sensors and gyroscopic sensors detect any changes in weight distributions and move accordingly.

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  8. When were Segways first available to the market?

    In the winter of 2002. Its first buyer ordered it from Amazon!

  9. How fast are they?

    Well, if you have seen the Mall Cop movie, you already have a clue! Segways can actually go faster than the average squirrel and pig!

  10. Which is the best way to try them?

    Since you are already in a mood to try them… Don't delay, book today! The best way to master a Segway PT is by taking a Segway tour in Chicago. The city’s imposing monuments, fascinating attractions, and long history will captivate your mind, and the body will not find it difficult to follow! Besides, our seasoned guides will always be right next to you, showing you around Chicago’s best sights, and teaching you how to steer your Personal Transporter.

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