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Wish to surprise your sweetheart with a truly novel gift? How about taking him or her for a few days in the City of Winds? Chicago is, after all, a lore of romance all year round, with its sublime lakefront, unrivalled skyline, and unique events and attractions.

Rife with sights, spots and activities for romantic couples that wish to spend some quality time together, Chicago is a great option for your surprise journey with your partner. Check out some ideas that can make this day even more special for your two.  


  1. A Romantic Ride in the Navy Pier Centennial Wheel

The Centennial Wheel is Chicago’s most popular entertainment venue and tourist attraction, offering spectacular views of the city's skyline and lakefront from a height of 200 feet!

The Wheel has 42 temperature-controlled gondolas, but if you wish to further up the experience, opt for the VIP gondola that is equipped with plush seating and glass bottoms. The view will be forever engraved in your memory, reminding you of those special moments you spent together. Needless to say that, if you make plans for a marriage proposal, the time and place are ideal for it!


  1. Ramble Along Chicago’s Lakefront Trail

Chicago’s lakefront trail stretches for more than 18 miles along the banks of Lake Michigan. No, we obviously don’t suggest walking the whole trail, but taking your partner for a romantic walk along the water, especially before sunset, is the perfect way to spark romance.

Just picture yourselves having the serene waters of Lake Michigan on one side and Chicago’s imposing skyline on the other, with the sky coated in fiery-golden hues and you marvelling at some of the city’s most important sights, such as the Buckingham Fountain, Navy Pier, Soldier Field, and the Adler Planetarium.

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  1. Board the Odyssey Chicago River

The Odyssey Chicago River is the latest addition to the city’s cruising fleet and is perfect for a romantic row. Its glass-enclosed structure allows you to get 360o views of the city’s riparian architecture, as well as enjoy top-notch dining with local delicacies, prised wines, on-deck live music, and a dance floor – all the needed elements for a romantic evening in the City of Winds.

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  1. Relax in Chicago’s Ancient Baths

Aire Ancient Baths Chicago is designed to provide visitors with an authentic bath experience from ages long gone, spanning from ancient Greece to the famed Ottoman Hammams. Encompassing several different bath facilities, such as a hot bath, ice and cold plunges, a warm pool, salt water flotarium and a jet pool, Aire offers the chance for genuine, deep relaxation, while stimulating the senses, boosting blood circulation, detensifying the muscles and alleviating stress and strengthening your immune system. Can you imagine anything better for your love-trip to Chicago?

Should you wish to embellish the whole thing even more, make sure to book a Red Wine Bath Experience: bathing in aromatic crimson-coloured Spanish grapes and then enjoying a 60-minute massage will prove a once-in-lifetime experience and a cherished memory for both of you. 


  1. Join a Lovebird Segway Tour Around Chicago

Sharing a fun-packed multisensory learning experience is a great way to top off your love trip to Chicago. Aside from the fun of learning how to ride this two-wheeled vehicle, our guide will take you the city’s most iconic and romantic spots, while regaling you with legends and tales of the old! It will also allow you to see most of the city and have more time to spend just the two of you in your favourite spots and activities.

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