Undoubtedly, Chicago is one of the hottest holiday destinations all year round. Its vast and beautiful coastline, outstanding museums, vibrant life, and fascinating past make it a top notch option for families, couples, and a group of adventurous friends alike.

There is just one problem you have to solve before arriving in Chicago. Being more of miniature cosmos than a city, it offers tourists such a vast array of sights and attractions that are almost impossible to decide what to visit and what to leave out. We have strived to make things easier for you and present you the top 6 things to do in Chicago this summer!  

  1. Explore the Famous Millennium Park

chicago bean what to do

Worthy of its impressive name, the renowned Millennium Park boasts an area of almost 25 acres. Its magnificent Frank Gehry's Pritzker Pavilion and serpentine bridge, the imposing Cloud Gate weighing more than 100 tons, and Jaume Plensa's Crown Fountain are just some of the Park’s “must-see” attractions. Flower enthusiasts and children will also find the flower displays, and monthly garden walks of the illustrious Lurie Garden a taste of heaven on earth.

  1. Visit Chicago’s Art Institute 

 chicago art museum

Often described as an Art Encyclopedia in the form of a building, Chicago’s Art Institute encompasses more than 300,000 masterpieces of artists from all around the globe. Artworks and Artifacts of unique character and value, stretching from the onset of human creativity to the present, including a celebrated selection of Japanese prints, fragments of local buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Thorne Miniature Rooms, will fascinate even the most hard-to-please eye. Furthermore, the Renzo Piano’s light-filled Modern Wing is just ideal for architecture and inner design buffs, as well as stunning views of Millennium Park.

  1. Visit the Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field what to do

Regardless of your feelings and knowledge of baseball, the legendary stadium of Wrigley Field is not something you want to miss: built in 1914 and renovated in 2009, the Stadium is open to visitors who wish to marvel its magnificent construction and watch the Friendly Confines when the Cubs are absent.

  1. Explore the Field Museum

field museum

Initially, the Field Museum housed one of the world’s most extensive biological and anthropological collections of the 19th century, but eventually, it has accumulated innumerable – and invaluable – exhibits crowding its 300,000 square feet facilities.

Besides the prominent paleontological exhibitions with the awe-inspiring dinosaurs, the Museum is home to a regal Egyptian tomb, remains of the Cyrus Tang Hall of China and recently rehabbed Halls of Gems and Jade.

  1. Roam the Stars in the Adler Planetarium

planitarium what to do

Boasting a personnel of leading scientists from all over the world, the Adler Planetarium offers visitors several enthralling virtual-reality journeys through time and space – of resolution and quality that could only be matched by the real thing! Focusing mainly on the wonders of the vast cosmos and unknown universe, the presentations also help visitors learn a lot about the ventures of pioneers in the exploration of this vastly unknown yet so exciting world encircling us. One of its greatest themes is the "Mission Moon" exhibit, which will take you inside the Gemini 12 capsule and experience what an astronaut’s mission included back then.

  1. “Dive in” the Shedd Aquarium

 aquarium what to do

Last, Chicago gives you the chance to dive into the charms and marvels of the deep seas and watery worlds: fierce-looking piranhas, poisonous frogs and venomous snakes from the Amazon, rays, lazy turtles and moray eels from the Caribbean, fearsome sharks, and a centenarian Australian lungfish – possibly the oldest surviving fish in captivity in the world. Still, these are no more than a glimpse of what the Shedd Aquarium has in store for you.

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