What is a Segway?

A Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-operated human transportation vehicle. It is operated in a standing position. It should not be confused with a scooter. It is a non-motorized, eco-friendly machine that uses renewable credit energy during its operation. The Segway leaves no carbon footprint on the environment. Go Green, Go Segway, Go Chicago Segway Tours!


Is a Segway easy to ride?

A Segway is not only easy to ride, but it's also a lot of fun! Imagine covering a lot of territory – without expending a lot of energy. That's the beauty of riding a Segway. They're clean, quiet, and you stand above the crowds. That makes for great views, even if you're short! Couple that with our tour guide's narration, and you've got a fun and effortless way to take in the sights!


Is it safe?

Absolutely! The marvelous thing about a Segway is that it contains a gyroscope – allowing the machine to self-balance in response to the rider's movements. After just a few minutes of our safety and operational training, you'll see how easy and effortless riding a Segway can be!


Why Choose Us?

Chicago Segway Tours was the very first custom made Segway colorful fleet tour company in the world, so when you ride with us you know you are getting years of unrivaled experience. After celebrating our first decade in Chicago, we're proud of our history and reputation in the city from our unassuming beginning to our current position as a leader in Chicago's world class tourism community. We're just as proud of our record with our guests, from seeing the same families return each season to our rock solid foundation with the user-generated review sites. Our staff has a passion for sharing our hometown and all it has to offer with locals and newcomers and looks forward to doing so for years to come.


How do I book a Segway tour?

You can reserve your Segway tour by calling us directly: (312) 890 3701 or by clicking here. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required. If you show up for an on the spot or a last minute tour, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate you for a tour at that moment, so please call in advance and make your reservation.


What is the process for my Segway tour?

Once you have booked your tour and it has been confirmed, you will need to arrive at the Arrival Time of your tour (See time table). Please be sure to bring with you a valid Driver’s license or State ID, and at least one major credit card, no debit card, which we hold onto them until you return, to be used in conjunction with the damage waiver release, whereby an authorization will be placed on your account should any damage be sustained to the Segway you are riding. Other Segway tour companies require a pre-authorized deposit on the Segway you ride, and we do not. After you complete the forms, our certified tour guide will give you a thorough training until he sees that you are an expert (comfortable) like him. As soon as everyone is comfortable with the training you are ready to roll.


What should I bring with me?

You should bring with you a camera and a small bottle of water. When it's really hot out, we recommend an application of sunscreen on exposed parts of the body and a lightweight pair of sunglasses. During the cooler seasons it's important to wear an extra layer of clothing and consider bringing gloves with you as well. If it looks like it will rain (which is very unusual) we can provide you with a plastic rain poncho.


Does Chicago Segway Tour accommodate private/corporate - business events?

Absolutely YES! Chicago Segway tours can accommodate a variety of special requests (family reunions, Birthday parties, out of town guests, corporate, conventions, festivals, parades, grand openings and many, many more.


Can children ride?

Riding a Segway is safe, even for children. However, we do require that all riders must be at least 12 years of age. All riders under the age of 18, must be accompanied by an adult (Parents or guardians) for safety reasons.


Can I use my cell phone during the tour?

The use of cell phones, pagers, PDAs, iPhones, text messaging devices, and other mobile communication devices are prohibited while operating the Segway.


Can I bring a purse with me?

There is a small hard shell backpack on your Segway in which you may store your personal items, including a purse. However, a large purse could be a challenge. So, we recommend keeping your purse small or using a fanny pack.


Are reservations required?

Reservations are required for every tour we offer. All walk-up customers will be accommodated in the best possible manner based on guide and Segway availability.

Our tours fill to capacity on a regular basis. For this reason we highly suggest making a reservation online or contacting us directly to make a reservation. We don't want to fill our tour and miss showing you around!


Is this tour offered in any other languages? Or only English?

At this time, tours are only offered in English.


I have ridden a segway before; is there anything I should know?

We do our best to make accommodations for returning riders once we get out on tour, however please be aware that we prefer to train new riders first to give them as much time as possible to practice. While some returning guests wonder why they can't simply be set up on their machines and left to explore, we ask that you remain patient while we allow first-time riders to get acclimated with a minimum of distractions or other riders in the training area. These delays are usually 5-10 minutes at most and help us keep our training area as safe and efficient as possible.


Can I rent a Segway without a guide?

Unfortunately we do not rent our Segways out to individuals without a guide.


If I am pregnant can I join the tour?

Unfortunately, due to the risk to both child and mother, pregnant women are not allowed to participate on our Segway Tours.


Are there any weight restrictions?

In order to assure our riders' safety, there is a minimum weight requirement of 100 pounds. The maximum recommended weight limit as specified by the manufacturer, Segway, LLC, is 250 pounds. In order to ride, your weight should fall somewhere within this range.


Are there any other Requirements?

All participants are required to wear protective helmets at all times and sign waiver and release forms prior to departure.


Are there people who should NOT participate?

It is not recommended that pregnant women and any person with health restrictions, seizure disorders, intolerance or sensitivity to extreme heat and sun, or persons who have had recent prosthetic surgery participate in this activity. Riders must be capable of standing for extended periods of time. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited from riding.


Do we go inside the museum and monuments?

Unfortunately we do not enter the museums and monuments since the Segway are so much fun! However, we will give you a great orientation of the city so you'll know exactly where you will want to go after the tour.


Does CST offer gift certificates?

Chicago Segway Tour offers gift certificates that make gift giving an extra special treat. Gift certificates may be purchased at anytime and are redeemable 5 years from the date of purchase. Gift certificates are a great way of saying thank you to an employee, friend, or a family member. They also make great holiday gifts, birthday, anniversary, bachelor/bachelorette and charitable gifts.


Can I buy Segway PT from Chicago Segway Tour?

Yes! IN A HEARTBEAT. You can buy your own brand new Segway, and receive FREE training on how to assemble and disassemble your unit.


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